Monday, 10 November 2014

Awesome weekend by porting a drupal 7 module to drupal 8

I have recently joined QE42 pune, As the drupal 8 module port code sprint will happen in
QED42 on 8 November,2014 and It was postponed later and I was unaware of that.
So I decided to port a module, so I picked a random project from the code reviews done by me from project applications.
So I picked Anonymous suggestion box and ported the module code to drupal 8 and created its meta in the module issue queue

After that I have the time left for code writing so I decided to pick another one jquery carousel and ported half of its code to drupal 8
If anyone wants to join hands while porting this module then tweet me over twitter lets finish this before this week end and will take another one for next week end.

Waiting for the postponed sprint to meet #pune drupalers over there.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Facebook integeration with your website using jquery

To integerate your website with facebook follow these steps :
  1. First Register your application on facebook by going to this url
  2. After registering you got an application id like this XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and configure the domain in app settings.
  3. Then run the html file after appending your domain like this :
  4. Then copy and paste the source code into the fblogin.html file.
  5. Also replace the appId with your application id.
  6. Enjoy.
Here is the link of source code :